Engadget Posts Fake Nokia-Windows Phone 7 Prototype

Update: The images posted below were actual prototype of the devices. Sometimes we have to eat our words and this is a perfect example of it.

Hey, am I someone who should be scared? NO right, so here I am telling you how Engadget sometimes does not do fact checking and posts images of non-existent devices which won’t be seen until maybe 2012.


On top you will see the actual images Engadget posted. Below you will see how much photoshopped this image is, come on Engadget this is not what we expect from you.


If you look at the above image, there are few things that are wrong:

  1. The Nokia written on the phone is not how Nokia does it. They only started doing it with the Nokia N Series and E series and it is always towards the "right top" of where it appears in this image.
  2. The Nokia text/logo on all these devices are photoshopped.
  3. Nokia does not use rectangular cameras in any of their devices, they are all square and there are no vents behind in any Nokia phone.
  4. The headphone jacks on these are way beyond 3.5mm, looks like someone carved a hole in them using photoshop.

As far as concept phones go, they are not perfect, but they always follow a design pattern a company has followed all through. Sadly, this Engadget scoop has PhotoShop written all over it.

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