Enable Wi-Fi Tethering On Sony Xperia X10

The Android 2.1 update for Xperia X10 has been released a few weeks ago and brought some joy to users. However, a very important feature, Wi-Fi tethering, didn’t come with the update. However, since Android 2.1 on X10 can be rooted, Wi-Fi tethering can be enabled using a third party app. Here are the two steps to enable Wi-Fi tethering on your X10 and other Android device.

First thing to do is root your Android device. The easiest way to do it is by installing z4root from Android Market on your phone. This app will root your phone in one click. I rooted my X10 using this app. However, it took three tries to root my phone, so try again if it didn’t work for the first time.


snap20101202_153953 snap20101202_153929

To enable Wi-Fi tethering on the Xperia X10, install Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether from Android market after rooting your phone. After the installation, run Barnacle Wi-Fi Tether and click Start. Now your phone is ready to share its internet connection with other Wi-Fi capable devices. Enjoy!

  • ken yip

    I got below error message on my X10i :”Barnacle had trouble starting wpa_supplicant. Try again but set ‘Skip wpa_supplicant in setting”.
    After “Skip wpa_supplicant in setting”, it seems running but my Archos 70 seeing no new wifi network.
    Any advice?

    • pla


      I got the same issue at startup, then it’s working fine : the Xperia becomes an ‘ad-hoc’ wifi that you should be able to see from your Archos; At least it’s working for my Win7 PC.

      However, when I say it’s working… I can for example connect to my company VPN… but I cannot surf from my PC : all I get are HTTP errror 403 (forbiden) and Barnacle constantly displays : (in red) NAT : restart : permission denied.

      I’ve not found specific info on the Barnacle website, any idea ? anybody ?