Eldar Murtazin Confirms MeeGo Will Be Back in 2012, in a Different Form Though

After the release of Nokia N9, people are extremely apprehensive about the future of MeeGo and especially that of the  Nokia N9 device. Nokia N9 has succeeded in generating quite a buzz but there has been fair criticism about its use of MeeGo, which seems dead on arrival. MeeGo is an open source project and Nokia was in favor of its development for quite some time.

Now that Nokia is talking more about Windows Phone 7, it seems like it is going to drop MeeGo completely. The fact responsible for this perception might have been Nokia’s involvement with the Windows Phone 7 and a recent statement  from Stephen Elop on the future of MeeGo. However, some recent Meego inside news throws more light on this affair.


Meego unterface will be reused in s40 next generation touchscreen devices (mid2012). So, yes we could say that Nokia Meego will be alive :)less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Now, Eldar Murtazin has confirmed that Nokia is bringing back MeeGo in 2012. From what we have seen of the UI, MeeGo is stunning and is full of potential. It will compete directly with Android (because Apple fanboys are too involved to look elsewhere). If  Eldar is correct this time as well (he usually is), this will be great inspiration for developers working on the MeeGo platform.  However, there have been talks of Nokia loosing MeeGo developers and it is not clear whether there have been changes in that decision. As it seems from Eldar’s tweet, the MeeGo UI will be ported to Symbian S40, and it will live only in this manner. This goes hand in hand with the decision of bringing S40 devices with 1 GHz CPUs and apparently, does not really help MeeGo developers in any way.

How the matter will unfold still remains to be seen.  This long rant is a must read if you are interested to know what went wrong with Stephan Elop, Nokia and this whole MeeGo affair.

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