E-commerce Websites Gain Popularity Among Indian Mobile Users

Opera Mini usage in India has exploded over the past year, thanks to partnerships with major carriers like Airtel and Vodafone. In fact, India now has the highest number of monthly Opera Mini users worldwide. So, in this month’s State of the Mobile Web report, Opera Software decided to zero in on Indian users. State of the Mobile Web is a monthly report published by Opera Software, which utilizes data gathered from its Opera Mini servers to identify and analyze broad trends in mobile web usage.

While usual suspects like Facebook, Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, and Yahoo continued to be favorites among Indian users, Indian news and ecommerce websites experienced strong increase in popularity. The top five websites category in India were — News Portals, E-commerce, Social networking, Education, and Travel. In particular, the growth of e-commerce suggests that more and more Indians are getting used to the idea of buying stuff online. While e-commerce services took off in the western countries over the past decade, they struggled to break through in India, where users were often coy about buying stuff without seeing it. This seems to be finally changing, as e-commerce and classified websites made up 14% of total visits in India. Top five e-commerce related websites in India were — quikr.com, amazon.com /amazon.co.uk, flipkart.com, alibaba.com, and snapdeal.com.


For a detailed zone-wise breakdown of top mobile websites in India, head over to Opera’s State of the Mobile Web Report.

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