E75 Review

The new E-series Promises a lot of feature improvements. Lets take a closer look.

Looks/Form Factor:

Before you even a hold a Nokia E75 in your hands you would think that it would weigh much more than it actually is, this feature packed phone has a Qwerty keyboard in it. To put things into perspective, my brother was really surprised when he discovered that this sleek phone had a QWERTY keyboard in it.
The E75 comes with two keypads, a Alpha numeric and a QWERTY. The QWERTY keyboard slides out smoothly. Even though you may spend some time accustoming to the QWERTY keypad, once its done I am sure you’ll type at the speed of 180KMPH.


The keypad on front is not too too to use. Most of the keys are combined and its not too difficult to press two-three keys at a time ;) . But its a good option till you get used to the QWERTY keypad. Most keys like Call recieve/calendar and message/reject/switch off are combined which gets time to get used to.

Photuu025  DSC01550

The shiny cover for at the back gives the phone very rich look. But the battery cover is so delicate that shake the phone and it falls out, along with the battery. Maybe the fault with the piece i am using though. The back side comes with tiny speakers which aren’t that loud. Just besides the speakers is located the 3.2MP camera with Flash.

Photuu026 Photuu027

On the top there’s a standard 3.5mm head phone jack, which ensures you get to listen music with your favorite headphone. The switch ON/OFF button is combined with call reject/messaging. On the left side there’s USB slot and Memory slot, while on right side there’s volume high/low and camera buttons. NEAT.


The 2.4 inch QVGA screen is pretty neat. The brightness level is quite impressive. E75 is the first E-series decide to come with S60 V3 FP2.


The 3.2 Mega Pixel camera is quite impressive coming from a business series. There’s no improvement in the camera application though, My Sony Ericsson does better job for editing with picture, but then its a business phone. These pictures look pretty descent. Taken at normal sunlight without flash. 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera comes with geo tagging feature, its pretty handy if you use services like flickr and other photo sharing sites to share pictures with.

I couldn’t make video calls to work with he secondary VGA camera on the front.

1 2

Calendar: E75 comes with excellent Calendar with time management features. It has five different types of event management settings available- Meeting, Meeting request, Memo, Anniversary and To-do.

Screenshot0006 Screenshot0007 Screenshot0008

Documents: E75 comes with descent office file support documents supporting .doc, .xls, .pdf. I transferred few files from pc to the phone to check how it opens up and decently. I opened one 7MB .xls sheet without any problem. The preinstalled .pdf reader is a disappointment though. I couldn’t make the document fit to the screen so causing difficulty in reading the files. E75 also comes with a default .ZIP manager which comes pretty handy. I UNZIPPED 25MB file with no problems, though it took long time.

Screenshot0023 Screenshot0022

Contact Switch:

If your previous phone was a Sony Ericsson then transferring contacts is a pain. Bluetooth transfer didn’t work. Transfer from PC suite didn’t work. Neither did the default Switch application from Nokia.contact-switch

But transferring Contacts from Nokia-to-Nokia worked smoothly with the Switch application.



The E75 comes with Class 32 GPRS,Class 32, 296 / 177.6 kbits EDGE, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology, Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP, No infrared and USB connection slot.


E75 comes with built-in GPS receiver and preinstalled Nokia maps. The nokia maps has a lot of features for normal usage.


I dint find much changes in the Music player. You can set up your music library as per your favorite Artists, Albums, Playlists, Songs, Podcasts, Genres and Composers. The audio output is infact low. For much better experience i had to download strands music player.


The call experience from E75 has to be superb. The smart dialing with both the keypads gives you the best of experience. Just type few letters or numbers and the phone shows up contacts with letters/numbers containing it. Even for calling there are many options like voice(normal)/video/internet call. The internet call in my device was set to call with Gizmo VOIP service.

 Screenshot0010 Screenshot0011 Screenshot0012

Messaging & Email:

The messaging just got better. Nokia superbly integrated the messaging system with its email. Configuring email again is not a big deal. Just input your address & password and the domain and its done. other than that, there is no change in smsing system.

Screenshot0016 Screenshot0018   Screenshot0019Screenshot0020

Battery life:

The 1000 mAh Li-Ion (BL-4U) battery impresses me much. Even with continues usage of net on 2-3 applications and calls i managed to make the battery to work for 5 hours.


Nokia E75 is an impressive business phone with all necessary business features inbuilt. The QWERTY keypad is impressive and gives you actual PDA experience. The battery life too handles the vast features that phone offers.

Though the phone doesn’t offer any thing extraordinarily features, it fits well for business usage. 

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  • Sums it up perfectly. Having used an E71 before, where there was a perpetual WiFi connectivity prob, the E75 was a breeze setting it up. Have some problems with the screens because the shortcuts at times are not enough – Gravity, active notes, dictionary, FB, camera & Switch:)

    Music is Ok but if I connect a jack to run my Internet Radio, works like a charm & love it.

    Messaging is smooth, emails a breeze but opening attachments is a bit of problem at times.

    Qwerty keyboard once you are used to is Superb, though wld have like a couple of keys -delete- down instead of stretching.

    Sync with PC thru bluetooth is superb & best of all reflects everything – photos, all messages etc. tho not tried the email bit as yet.

    Maps are a bit of a haze due to having tried it out a couple of weeks ago in pune, will try again.

    All in all after the E90 which I gave up due to email issue, this is one phone which I found good – Wish it had a larger screen – Will N97 justify the price?

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  • huss

    Excuse me, how can you possibly say you are impressed with the battery lasting 5 hours??? i found your review to be very objective, and informative, but when i came across the 5 hour battery comment, you lost all credibility in my eyes as someone qualified to review a phone.
    5 hours for a phone battery is ridiculous, i own the e75, and i have 5 hours with minimal use, if i was to use the net and make calls, th battery lasts about 2 hours.

    if you are going to review a phone, review it honestly or dont review it at all.

    perhaps the fact you are given this phone hinders your objectivitiy