Dropbox For Android Updated; Automatically Uploads Your Clicked Pictures And Get Upto 3GB Space Free

At the beginning of this month, Dropbox released a beta version of their Windows and Android client with certain new features and UI improvements. The main change in the beta version was the ability to import all the photos you have clicked from your phone’s camera, and automatically upload it to Dropbox. Since full-resolution photos can take up quite a bit of space, the company was also offering 500MB of free space for every 500MB of photo a user uploaded, with a maximum of up to 3GB.

Today, Dropbox has updated the Dropbox app on the Android Market with the above said features. After installing the latest update, users will be greeted with an option to turn on the Camera Upload feature, and whether they want to upload the pictures on Mobile data network or while connected to a Wi-Fi network. The app will work in the background, and will silently upload all your existing and future snaps to a private ‘Camera Uploads’ folder on Dropbox.

The iOS version is also under testing, and the update should go live sooner than later. The Windows and Mac clients will also be able to automatically import all your photos whenever you connect a digital camera or a SD card to your PC. The clients are still in testing, but users won’t need to wait for too long for the update to go live.

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Rajesh Pandey

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