DroidDoes: Verizon Takes a Potshot at iPhone

The iPhone is definitely a darling of several people. To be frank, I loved the touch interface on the iPod touch, and found it much better than any other touch phone I have used. That said, iPhone still does not do several things that a Smartphone is actually supposed to do. It lacks basic features, such as multitasking and running simultaneous applications.

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In the past, the iPhone has come under direct attack from its competitors, including a cheezy ad by Blackberry, to which Apple gave an fitting response. This time around Verizon are aiming their guns at Apple, with a promotion called DroidDoes, which ridicules the lack of features in iPhone, and promotes their own still secretphone based on Android.

Reports from TechCrunch suggest, that the so called secret phone is basically an upcoming Smartphone from Motorola, which has a slideout QWERTY keyboard and 5 megapixels camera. The phone runs on Google’s Android 2.0 mobile OS, which is why the campaign is named DroidDoes. According to Boy Genius Report, the phone will be released on October 30th 2009.


The fact that Apple had recently rejected the Google Voice app from the app store, and the name of the campaign DroidDoes, makes us wonder whether Google themselves are playing some part in the campaign to ridicule the iPhone. It would be funny to see, how Apple responds to this direct attack. However, don’t expect a strong reply like the Blackberry ad, as this time around, they are being attacked at what they cannot do, rather than what others do better.

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