Droid Sells More Units Than The Original iPhone : Nexus One Is Still A Flop

Nexus One hasn’t exactly set the mobile market on fire since its launch. In spite of tremendous pre-launch hype and fairly positive reviews, the sales figures for the Google phone have been abysmal. Now, Flurry has released a new set of data which really drives home how appalling Nexus One’s sales figures are.


The original iPhone took 74 days to sell one million units. In the same period, Google has managed to sell only 0.135 million handsets. Somewhat surprisingly, Motorola managed to sell the most units within 74 days of its launch. However, to be fair, Motorola had several advantages including increased receptivity to smart phone, a larger subscriber base and holiday season launch.

On the other hand, Google’s sales figures have undoubtedly taken a beaten due to the unconventional distribution model. The poor sales figures illustrates that most users are not used to purchasing mobile phones online. Although, Google is officially claiming to be “pleased” with the sales figures, it will be interesting to see if they manage to make the online distribution model viable.

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  • stefan

    No wonder Google is taking so bloody long on it's implementation of Flash 10.1 – the only thing that is going to make my Nexus One viable. Right now it's being left in the dust by the iPhone's work around for Flash, h.264. The company has taken a hit in their sales numbers and they could give a damn about this phone anymore.

    Eh, I'm just getting sick of one roll-out date being pushed back for another, and on & on since I got my N.O. phone in January.