Draw Something To Say Something, The New Addiction For Smartphones

draw-something-omgpop-thumbnailA picture is worth a thousand words. With Draw Something app, it is just one. A new app for the iOS and Android that combines sketching to words is sure to stay here with a certain kind of madness of its own.

Find the right word for the picture you are challenged with and vice versa. Yes, the game is dead simple. All you are required to do is paint or guess. You can challenge anyone from your Facebook or email contacts. You can also create a game with any random user who is also playing the game. Once you are connected you will be asked to guess the word that best describes your partner’s sketch. Or you can just draw something that best illustrates the word you have chosen.


The app has already recorded 20 million downloads in just 5 weeks as told by the developer, OMGPOP’s CEO Dan Porter, to Business Insider. If that number does not make any sense, consider the fact that the popular Instagram has an entire user base of 27 million.

The app certainly has a level of addiction that keeps you glued to it. The fact that simple freehand sketches for simple words can be drawn by any average user is perhaps the key reason the app is already trending high among smartphone users. Also noteworthy is that despite being a two-player game the app is seeing high download score proves that the viral quotient of the game where the user itself is generating the buzz while seeking out for partners to play with. The app has an ad-supported and a premium version. Give it a try and find out how DRAWSOME are you.

Download Draw Something by OMGPOP:

1. Premium Version for iOS and Android.

2. Free Versions for iOS and Android.

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