New Swype Pre-Release Beta Out; Includes Gesture Support and Dictionary Management

The popular swiping keyboard for Android, Swype, has just got a major pre-release beta update. The new update is similar to the one that the Sprint’s Nexus S 4G owners got last week.

The new version of Swype brings two new major features including Gesture support and dictionary management. With Gesture support, Swype users can simply use a gesture to do the most common tasks on their phone like copying/pasting, tweeting, sending it to Facebook or finding a location in Google Maps. The Personal dictionary feature, as its name suggest, allows users to manage the words they have added to the Swype dictionary.

Swype users can check out some videos of these new features in action over at  Swype’s YouTube channel.

There is also a new Swype Connect feature on-board, which allows the folks at Swype to collect more information about a user’s usage pattern and licensing checking issues much more reliably.

Other than that, there are also numerous bug fixes. Below is the full change-log -:

  • Single-tapping a word no longer repositions the cursor to the end of the word
  • Words added to the dictionary will now retain their capitalization (e.g. Cyanogen instead of cyanogen)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Swype from reading the screen resolution properly on devices running Android 3.2
  • Fixed a bug where dictionaries would sometimes fail to load after a device reboot
  • Lots of application-specific improvements and fixes!

Users, who have already signed up for the Swype’s Beta program, can download the latest update using the Swype Installer App. Other Swype users need to wait until this pre-release beta hits the final version.


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