Download Swype for Symbian Phones

Swype LogoSwype is a revolutionary new text input system which makes typing on a touchscreen phone extremely fast and convenient. Proponents of QWERTY smartphones like the Blackberry tout the fast typing capabilities of their phones as a major advantage over touchscreen phones. However, using Swype, even touchscreen phone users can type very fast; in fact, they can type faster than those with a QWERTY phone. A women in Britain recently broke the world record for the fastest typing using Swype.

Swype was released for Android months back and has been built in to many new smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S.

Today, Nokia Beta Labs and Swype announced that they are releasing a beta version of Swype for Symbian 5th edition touchscreen phones.

Swype for Symbian

Here’s is the list of compatible phones:

Nokia 5800
Nokia 5230
Nokia X6
Nokia N97
Nokia N97 Mini

Head over to the official site to download Swype for your Symbian phone and to get detailed tutorials and instructions.

Swype Download – Nokia Beta Labs

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  • Vincent

    Wow, it’s so fast!
    I experience a very similar keyboard which I downloaded from the OVI store, called SlideIT.
    You can download it directly from the developer site :

  • Oz

    Hi, good tip here. But for some reason, maybe I missed out some settings, that I cant use Swype on my N8 even after successful installation. What did I missed?