Skype for Android Now Available For Download from the Market

Skype for Android Now Available For Download from the Market

Skype-Android-DownloadSkype has been hammered in the past for entering into an exclusive agreement with Verizon. The lack of an official Skype client on Android infuriated and frustrated many of its dedicated users. In response to the criticism, Skype had promised to deliver a “direct to consumer app to the Android marketplace”. Now, after a long wait, they have finally delivered.

Skype for Android is now available worldwide (excluding China and Japan) through the Market. The app supports free Skype-to-Skype calls, cheap Skype-to-phone calls, free instant messaging, group conferences and more. While the app is capable of working over both WiFi and 3G, in the US, calls are supported only over WiFi.

Skype-Android-Download-QR-CodeHead over to or use the attached QR code to download the app. Although the app should run on all devices with Android 2.1 (or newer), it has been officially tested only on HTC and Motorola devices. The official blog post acknowledges some problems with the Samsung Galaxy S, and has promised to fix them soon.

One thought on “Skype for Android Now Available For Download from the Market”

  1. Skype is good but a little late in the android market. Vopium latest update for android is a good choice too, compatible on all latest android devices. Gives cheaper call rates, voice quality fine and i like the monhtly subscription packages for countries such as Pakistan, India, Nigeria etc.

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