Download Skype 3.0 For Windows Mobile

Skype has officially decided to remove support for Windows Mobile 6.5 in anticipation of rolling out a client for Windows Phone 7, however, if you want to download the Skype 3.0 Client for Windows Mobile, we have you covered.

Skype for Windows Mobile

You can download Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile to your PC or directly to your device by visiting If you are not able to download Skype 3.0 from the above URL, Ask the Admin has a file hosted on their servers, which you can download from here.

So, head over to the above mentioned sites and have fun Skyping with your friends or talking to them using VoIP.

22 thoughts on “Download Skype 3.0 For Windows Mobile”

  1. Thanks folks. It really worked. I still could not get why Skype is out of WM support. Not even leaving it up to the users to take the risk of using old archives of theirs…

  2. doesn't work on HTC Diamond :( Tried to install it, but there was an error, that this program is not compatible to my phone :/

  3. Skype is the best tool that we have been using for a long time and it is the fame of this tool that it has made many people fan of it and we are getting its improved versions every now and then and even for the mobile too..

    I was looking for the mobile version of Skype thanks for introducing it..

  4. Downloaded for Xperia X2, Working fine. Even in WFii, it cannot be used for Vedio or tele calls.. Let me try if happenend i would let u guys know…

  5. DLed the file and installed the cab file to my HTC Tilt 2 on ATT. It installed and loads just fine however it gives me the error message of “unable to connect to the Skype network” when trying to run it. Tried via 3G and WiFi, same results.

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