Download Pre-Alpha Build Of VLC for Android

VLC is the most popular cross-platform, open-source media player until date. Chances are if you have not heard about VLC player, you are living under a rock.


Since VLC is an open-sourced media player, many developers started porting it to the popular open-sourced mobile OS, Android. Sadly, it’s been more than two years since Android became mainstream, but VLC for Android is still under development.

Now, one member from the CyanogenMod team, cvpcs, has compiled a version of VLC for Android and uploaded it for the general Android users to download and use. There are two versions available for download, one for NEON capable devices, and one for non-NEON based devices. Users can find the download link for VLC for Android here.

Android users should keep in mind that VLC for Android is still under development, and so there are quite a few issues with it. Consider this release from cvpcs, a pre-alpha release. Since this is more of a kang release from cvpcs, users should not expect any support either from the VLC team or from cvpcs himself.

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