New Android Market Version Leaks; Includes Auto-Update and Minor UI Tweaks!

A new version of Android Market has made its way on the Internet. The new Market (v3.3.11) contains lots of minor but noticeable changes.

First and foremost, apps now automatically auto-update mode. Previously, users had to specify which all apps will auto-update themselves.In this new version, auto-update is enabled by default for all apps. While many users will appreciate this change, some users might not like it. Thankfully, users can specify the update to happen over Wi-Fi only.

Other minor changes include a smaller font, new app drawer icon, voice search capability in search menu, and minor UI tweaks. Like the previous Honeycomb market, users also have the option to create a shortcut of the recently installed app on their homescreen.

Google will automiatically push this new build of Android Market to your phone after a few weeks or so. For the impatient, here is the download link of the APK.

If after installing the new APK, you get continuous FC’s, then clear the Market data once. To do so, go to Settings->Application->Market, and press the ‘Clear Data’ button.

Thanks to AndroidPolice for the link!

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