Download iPhone OS 4.0 Beta 4

Apple has just released the latest beta version of the upcoming iPhone OS 4. The latest beta version is numbered 4. There are not many changes compared to the previous beta version. The default home screen has been completely revamped in the new beta version. The clock, calculator, calendar, compass and voice memo applications icons are now present inside the Utilitiesfolder. Apple has also added some new wallpapers in this new beta version.

iPhone OS

Users now also have the option to turn off the ability to send group messages. Another major change in this new beta is the Internet Tetheringoption. The iPhone OS now finally has the tethering option, and it looks like AT&T is also ready for tethering by boosting their network strength. There is a slight performance improvement as well. The phone’s UI and the all applications present in the phone now feel faster and responsive.

Developers can download the latest beta version of the upcoming iPhone OS 4 from here.


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