Google Music App APK From Android Ice Cream Sandwich Leaks Online!

Even though the Nexus Prime and Ice Cream Sandwich are not being announced on October 11, a lot of pictures and a video of the handset and the upcoming OS leaked today.

Now, making the day even better are the guys behind Android Police. They have somehow (I wonder how?!?) have managed to get their hands on a lost Nexus Prime on Verizon’s network. They have been playing around with the phone, and have managed to extract some of the upcoming ICS goodies for us Gingerbread users.

First they posted about the new Google+ app coming with ICS, and now they have posted a short walkthrough of the new music app coming in the next Android version. In fact, they have even uploaded the APK for us general Droid users to download and try.

UI wise, there are not many changes in Google Music 4.0.1. The whole UI looks the same as v3, except it has some tweaks which make it much more usable and visually pleasing. The bad news is that new build of Google Music does not seem to work with Google’s cloud based music service.

Interested Android users can head over to Android Police to find more screenshots and download link of the Google Music APK.

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Rajesh Pandey

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