Downgrade iOS 4.1 To iOS 4, iOS 3.1.3, iOS 3.1.2

Apple has just released the beta update for iPhone and iPod Touch users. The new iOS4.1 update aims at fixing the signal woes the iPhone 4 has been facing. In addition to this, the iOS 4.1 update also changes the wrong signal calculation algorithm being used in iOS 4 and adds in new Gaming modules.


However, the problem with iOS 4.1 is that iOS 4.1 jailbreak is only for iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G (Non-MC) models. So if you have updated to iOS 4.1 and now want to downgrade to , then follow the steps given below. Read this if you are looking to downgrade from iOS 4 to iOS 3.1.3 or iOS 3.1.2.

How To Downgrade iOS 4.1 to iOS 4, iOS 3.1.3 or iOS 3.1.2

Step 1: First of all to downgrade from iOS 4.1 to iOS 4 you need the firmware (IPSW) file. After you have got hold of the required IPSW file, you need to put your iPhone/iPod Touch in DFU mode. Keep in mind that DFU mode is different than recovery mode.

Step 2: To put your /iPod Touch into DFU mode, first make sure that iTunes is running on your PC. After that switch off your iPhone/iPod Touch and press the Power and Home button on the device together to put your device in DFU mode.

Now connect your /iPod Touch to your PC using the USB cable. After 10 seconds or so, release the power button whilst holding the Home button. At this point, iTunes should recognize a new USB device, which will be identified as your device after a few seconds. If you have successfully put your phone in DFU mode, then your device screen will display a totally black screen.

Skip to step 4 if you own a iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2G (Non-MC)

Step 3: This step is only , iPhone 3GS and 3G/2G (MC) owners. Now Users need to use the SHSH blobs of the iOS4 firmware. If you don’t have an SHSH blob of the iOS 4/iOS 3.1.3/iOS 3.1.2 firmware, then you are out of luck. Read this tutorial on how to make a backup of iOS4 SHSH Blobs.

Now users need to edit the hostsfile on their PC by going to c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\. Open this hostsfile in Notepad and add the line below to the end of the document:

Now save the file and you are done. Keep in mind that you need to open the hostsfile in administrator mode to make changes to it.

Step 4: Now users need to restore the firmware they downloaded in Step 1 to their iPhone/iPod Touch. To do so, press the Alt key and click on the Restoreoption in iTunes. iTunes will then prompt you to point it to the IPSW file. Select the iOS 4 iPSW file and click on Open.

After this iTunes will do all the work for you. While restoring to the iOS 4 firmware, iTunes might throw in a 1011, 1013 or 1015 error. Just ignore these errors. At the end of the process, the firmware has been successfully restored to your iPhone/iPod Touch device.

5) Now all you need to do is to make your device exit from the Recovery Mode. To do so, users need to download a program called RecBoot. Run that program and just select the Exit Recovery Modeoption and you are done. Your iPhone/iPod Touch will restart on its own and it will now be running on iOS 4.


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  • eric

    You enter DFU Mode by pressing SHIFT then restore…not ALT…just thought people should Know!!

    • Nick

      You enter DFU mode by connecting your itouch/iphone to the computer, turning the device off, then holding down the power and home button for exactly 10 seconds then releasing the power button (still hold the home button) till the message comes up on itunes about restore

      Holding shift just brings up the local box for selecting the firmware when you click restore

      Hope this helps

      • Abdul

        Hi i just want to thank the author of this article after updating to 4.1 i was stuck could not downgrade after spending hours i found this post. I just wanan say smart guy. Brilliant advice.

  • These are some useful steps… one of my friends have been asking me about it… now I can refer him to your blog… Thanks for sharing… :)

  • I have ipod 2g but what is MC ? How will I know if my ipod touch is MC or not ?

    • Simplefi

      open settings, then General, then About
      look at the Model. if it begins MC…. then its an MC version

  • Simplefi

    I have 64gB, MC touch with f/w 4.0.
    If I can manage a sucsesful downgrade to 3.1.2 what other changes will happen ?
    I have a mail account which pushes mail to my iTouch – will this still work ?


  • Ray

    I have iphone 3g 16gb, I'm not sure which fw, but I just restore to the latest one on Aug 1. through itunes 9.2, I followed the above steps until when I hit shift+restore and choose the 4.0 or 3.1.3 or even 4.0.1 itunes comes up with a message "incompatible firmware" I don't think it's the firmware but itunes is blocking me from downgrading.

    Please help me solve this problem, thank you.

    • zhen

      hi… mine always says “incompatible firmware”… and ive tried all the steps that i’ve searched on net.. but still “incompatible firmware”… any luck on your device? Reply would be much appreciated..thank you:))

  • maike

    how can i find the ‘host’ file on my mac? thanks for your help.

  • alex

    Hey there, I’m in serious problems, you’ll see, a friend of mine came up with me on noon and told me that he already installed the ios 4.1 (beta 3) on his ipod touch 3g. So I asked him for the ispw and tried to install it to my ipod. The problems began when, after rebooting the ipod, itunes tells me that this os version is only available to developers (and my friend is, but I totally forgot that). So now I’m stuck with the iOS 4.1 and can’t downgrade since all the ipod shows me is the “connect to itunes” image. Any suggestions?! please, I’m about to throw the ipod because of the anxiety. PLEASE HELP ME

  • adam

    thank you man saved meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :):):):):):)!!!

  • Abdul

    Mate your are brilliant i spent 4 hours on the internet looking for a solution after updating my ipod touch 2nd gen and i could not figure out how to downgrade it so i could jail break it. Thanks alot mate god bless you

    • irfan

      from where did u get the steps to downgrade it i have a ipod touch 3g and i want to downgrade it to jail break it too

  • Brittany

    i tried everything but when i get to step 4 and hold down the alt key it says do i want to back up the settings for the iphone. What should i do??

    • R.

      hold shift key and press restore, not alt key

      • henry

        it stood alt key…

  • thecruiser

    Hi there.

    Been trying to downgrade my iphone 4 from the current 4.1 software as it doesn’t seem to have improved anything and I still have no bluetooth. I’m not sure what the ‘blobs’ are that you’re referring to?? Will I be able to achieve my objective at all?

    Many thanks

  • you are awesome, thanks ever so much, I have spent days looking for the proper info, and there you got it!, I am just jailbreaking my ipod touch 2gen I restored it from 4.1 to 4.0, thanks again

  • irfan

    where do u get the firmware from?? please help i have an i pod touch 64gb and is 3g how do i downgrade it please help???

  • Andaz

    Is there any updates for those who haven’t saved their shsh and like to downgrade from ios 4.1 to 4.0 (or any jailbreakable os).

  • karan

    thanks, it really worked for my ipod touch 2g on windows

  • Read my blog if you have by mistake upgraded to 4.1 and not saved your SHSH/ECID and still want to get it back to an older version like 4.0. Mine worked.

  • marlon

    HELP!!! i did everything correctly and still i get error 3194 i use itunes 10 does that matter?? PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Candy

    Everytime I try to get the link for the IPSW file it saves as a zip file and isn’t an option when searching for a file to restore to. What can I do????

    • Raviex

      Rename it to IPSW ._.

  • Jorge Gomez


  • jaw dropprz

    thx!! =)
    works like charms!
    itouch 2G 4.1 mc to 4.0

  • Michael the person who this isnt working for

    Okay ive tried to do this around 20 times. I got all the right firmware and stuff but i always get error 3194. It always happens. Is there any chance someone can point me in the right direction because it is always f….. not working!!!!!11

  • shelby

    itunes doesnt give me the option to find the different firmware. it is automatically updating to the newest ipod touch update when my ipod is put into dfu mode. help please?

    • shelby

      nevermind. i fixed it. but now i am not able to select the firmware. i have it downloaded but it wont let me select the file?

      • bob

        i have had the same problem. im about to throw this shit out of the window. lol

  • Zango

    i have restored my iphone, but it is showing black screen with usb cable a itunes, and then asked to insert a valid sim card.
    please help

  • Brilliant worked like a charm on my ipod touch 4.1 2g (mc),
    only part of instuctions above that needs changing is:
    “Now users need to edit the “hosts” file on their PC by going to “c:windowssystem32driversetc”. Open this “hosts” file in Notepad and add the line below to the end of the document:”

    you should add that you need to actually DELETE the address that is already there in the host file and replace with the above…other than that brilliant. thankyou!

  • CJ

    Help. for some reason when i try to sav the ipsw file, i dont get the option to change it to ipsw instead of zip. do i type it after the word restore or what? im confused.