DoCoMo’s Galaxy S III Features Galaxy Note II Like Multi-View Multitasking

The new multi-view multi-tasking implemented by Samsung in the Note II has bowled many people over. This hybrid of a phone and tablet device has won the hearts of many people with its software tweaks, despite its huge size and being panned by the critics.

Now, it looks like Samsung might just bring the multi-view multi-tasking feature to the Galaxy S III as well. The Japanese/DoCoMo variant of the Galaxy  S III, which packs in a slightly faster 1.6GHz Quad-Core Exynos processor and 2GB of RAM, features the same multi-view multi-tasking feature as on the Note II.


It will be interesting to see whether Samsung decides to bring this feature to the international Galaxy S III or not. The I9300 variant of the S III already suffers from poor RAM management issue, and the multi-view multitasking feature requires oodles of free RAM to work smoothly and properly.

The U.S variant of the Galaxy S III contain 2GB of RAM, but packs in half the number of processing cores. If Samsung does not bring this multi-view multitasking feature to the International version of the S3, the chances of the feature making it only to the U.S variants are nearly zero.

Via – Reddit

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