Did Samsung Miss The Memo? Forging Forward with Bada, 2.0 SDK Released

Samsung isn’t scared of the Google and Motorola Mobility buyout, right? Maybe they simply knew it was inevitable. Back at Mobile World Congress 2010, Samsung announced the Wave, their first Bada powered smartphone. They wanted to bring their own apps, their own little ecosystem and their own proprietary experience to users, in the form of TouchWiz on Bada.

After more than a year of working on the platform, Samsung has finally released their second iteration of the software development kit. The SDK brings along support for NFC, multitasking, HTML5 and push notifications. For developers, there is a new API for advertising, a framework built around web technologies and increased platform security.

I’m not sure if Samsung realizes this, but mobile platforms have been dropping likes flies. The Symbian Foundation closed up back in November, Nokia pulled out of MeeGo, went to Windows Phone and left Intel blowing in the wind, RIM decided to use QNX going forward from the PlayBook and HP has killed webOS. What’s even worse is that these companies have been in the business of software development for decades. Nokia’s been making phones since 1970 and RIM has been forwarding emails since the mid 90s. Samsung? They made my fridge and washing machine. They did a damn fine job too.

So they now have some platform features that iOS and Android have supported for years. They have some budget phones. They have an interface that is a complete gypsy of iOS and quite frankly, nobody likes TouchWiz. They have a defunct “app store” filled with themes and ringtones. Sounds like what they have is Symbian circa 2005 which is, surprisingly, poised to make a comeback with Nokia breathing life into it while working on Windows Phone.

Samsung has been licensing both Windows Phone and Android for their devices. Now that Microsoft is in the fold with Nokia to produce hardware, and Google has Motorola Mobility under their thumb to churn out top-tier devices, what can Samsung turn to? Looks like they’ll be bringing Bada to bat.

In a world where Nokia, RIM and Palm can’t get their software right, what chance does Samsung stand? Good luck to them. Hopefully they can jump off the Android platform and bask in the bada (it’s korean, for ocean).