Dell Venue Pro Priced at $150; Ships on December 14

Almost all the devices announced at the Windows Phone 7 launch have been released, with the exception of the Dell Venue Pro. When it was first announced, the Venue Pro was captured a lot of attention, thanks to its vertical QWERTY slider design, gorgeous display and great hardware specs. However, some things are just not meant to be true.

There were no further announcements by either Dell or Microsoft, about the release details of the Venue Pro. Surprisingly, it made an appearance on Dell’s website yesterday before it was taken down.

Dell Venue Pro

It will be priced at $500 without a contract and at $150 witha 2 year T-Mobile contract. The preliminary shipping date is said to be December 14, so you should probably get it before Christmas if you order it now.

via PocketNow

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