Dell To Launch Smartphones In India Later This Year

During a press event with journalists, Steve Felice (President of consumer and SMB, Dell) talked about the company’s plans for Europe and India.

Dell has been working on a tablet and cell phones for quite some time. Felice, confirmed to journalists that Dell will be launching their 5tablet computer in Europe and cell phones in India later this year.

HP’s acquisition of Palm and subsequent news of a WebOS tablet will put pressure on Dell who so far have focused on computers. HP has been in the smart phone market since years and as such isn’t new to the territory. Dell, is looking at Asia, especially China and India as potential markets. Nokia still dominates India and pricing the phones will be crucial for Dell.

Other OEMs like Acer and ASUS have been dabbling with phones as well. This expansion to phones for primary computer manufacturers signals a clear market trend, people want small form factor devices. India’s successful completion of 3G auctions, government’s directive to ban cheap Chinese knock-off handsets are some positives for Dell.

Details about Dell’s Windows Phone 7 devices had leaked earlier, whether this will be part of Dell’s India portfolio remains to be seen.

via WSJ

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