Dell Thunder Is Set To Thunder Its Way In To The Android World

Dell will be releasing a series of phones this year. First the Lightning, and now the Dell Thunder. While the Lightning runs on WP7 OS, the Thunder runs on the Android OS. The specifications of the Dell Thunder are similar to thedell-thunder Lightning. The Dell Thunder features a 4.1inch WVGA OLED display (AMOLED or Super AMOLED?), and has a 8MP camera. As of now, no other information about the hardware of the device is available. Looking at the specs, it is very likely that Snapdragon processor will be used on the Dell Thunder as well.

The Thunder will have a custom Dell UI named Stagerunning on top of the Android OS. At the time of its launch, the Thunder will have Android OS v2.1. The leaked document also suggests that the Dell Thunder will feature Flash 10.1 support. There is also a mention of an   “integrated web video Hulu app.” Hopefully, this will be the mobile Hulu application everyone has been waiting for so eagerly. The phone will be sold under the AT&T network, and the HSDPA version.

The phone is expected to be available from around Q4 of this year. The LTE model of this device will also be released at the end of Q4, 2011.


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