Dead Trigger For iOS Receives Major Update And Is Now Available As A Free Download For Reasons Unknown

Over the last couple of week, Madfinger’s latest game — Dead Trigger — sparked off a discussion that piracy in Android is still a major concern. The developer had initially released Dead Trigger for a $0.99, instead of its usual price of $6.99 on both iOS and Android, so as to make the game more affordable and curb piracy.

A few days later, Madfinger rolled out a major update for the Android version of the game and made it available as a free downloaded. The company stated that due to the high piracy rate of the game in the Android ecosystem, the company has decided to make the game free to download and play with In-App purchases for Android users.

Today, Madfinger has released a new update of Dead Trigger for iOS users that brings with it a bunch of new weapons, environments, gameplay enhancements, bug fixes and much more. Surprisingly, Madfinger has also made Dead Trigger available as a free download for iOS users with this update.

Madfinger has not provided any reason as to why it decided to make the game free to download on iOS as well. It certainly cannot be piracy since iOS users are known to pay for their apps. The company will, however, reward users who paid for the game with 25 golds and other credits.

On a serious note, Madfinger should really grow up and stop blaming piracy on Android as the reason they decided to make the game free. Dead Trigger is filled with In-App purchases, and reports do suggest that IAP bring developers more money than the outright purchase of a game from the store. If anything, the company should apologize for blaming the high level of piracy in the Android ecosystem.

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