CyanogenMod ROM Now Has A User Base Of 2 Million+ Users

If you own an Android smartphone, chances are you must have heard about CyanogenMod from one of your geeky friend’s or read about it somewhere on the Internet. CyanogenMod is by far the most popular third party custom ROM for Android, which was originally founded by Steve Kondik, fondly known as Cyanogen. The CM team now supports more than 90 new devices, and some of these handsets are supported even after its original manufacturer ditched it a few months after its release.

Back in January, the CM team reached a very big milestone. The ROM had managed to surpass a user base of more than 1 million users. No other ROM in the Android community has ever managed to breach this mark, or even come close to it. Now, fast forward to May-end, and the CM team has doubled its user base to 2 million. While the nightly builds from the CM team still remains the most popular among its users with a whopping 371,408 installations, the CM9-RC0 build based on Ice Cream Sandwich also has a pretty large user base of 124,737.

The most popular handset among the CM users is the HTC EVO 4G with 109,515 and counting people using it on their phone. Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and Galaxy S are also catching up fast with a user base of 96,000 and 73,772 respectively. Head over to this page, for a complete break down of the stats. With the user base of the CyanogenMod increasing at such a pace, the team might just be able to breach the 5 million user base mark before 2012 ends.

Kudos to the CM team for all their hard work, and bringing Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich to devices which otherwise may have never got it.

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Rajesh Pandey

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