CyanogenMod Drops Support For The Nexus One And Other Snapdragon S1 Devices

CyanogenMod is popular in the Android world because the custom ROM brings stock Android like experience to devices that may otherwise have got the update. The Galaxy S, whose Ice Cream Sandwich update Samsung ditched due to space constraints, is happily running Jelly Bean without any issues.

While the CM team usually brings good news for owners of older devices, today they have brought some bad news. The CM team announced via Google+ update that going forward they will be dropping support for certain devices for CM9 and beyond. These devices include all handsets based on the Snapdragon S1 chipset including the Nexus One, EVO 4G and the Droid Incredible.

Below is the list of all the devices (codenames) that won’t be officially supported by the CyanogenMod team and won’t have a CM9 release -:

blade, bravo, bravoc, buzz, c660, click, cooper, desirec, e510, e720, es209ra, espresso, hero, heroc, inc, legend, liberty, morrisson, motus, one, p500, passion, robym, s5670, supersonic, tass, u8150, u8220, z71, zero

The reason why the CM team is not going to work on CM9 and beyond for these handsets is because of space constraints, older binary files, dirty hacks and much more. The whole update from the CM team can be read here.

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