Cyanogen Team Highlights its Plans for Jelly Bean (Android 4.1)

Jelly Bean was announced last month at Google I/O 2012. However, it will probably be several months before most non-Google experience devices get a taste of Jelly Bean, if they at all receive the update. No wonder then that most Android users have been eagerly waiting to hear from the CyanogenMod team about their plans regarding the latest Android update.


Google is yet to release the source code for Jelly Bean, but team Cyanogen has already outlined their plans based on their general understanding of the changes. The next version of Cyanogen is going to be called CyanogenMod 10, and will be based on Jelly Bean. This is in keeping with Cyanogen’s tradition of giving a version number bump for every named release of Android. CyanogenMod Jelly Bean update is going to be called Cyanogen 10, since ‘J’ is the 10th letter of the English alphabet.

As of now, the focus of team Cyanogen remains the ICS powered CyanogenMod 9. Development of CyanogenMod 9 has been a fairly lengthy process due to the decision to rewrite Cyanogen components from scratch. However, considering that Android 4.1 isn’t as drastic a change from its predecessor as Android 4.0 was, CyanogenMod 10 should arrive significantly faster. Team Cyanogen expects most of CyanogenMod 9 code to “merge cleanly into JB, with minimal fuss”. Cyanogen team is also going to continue developing CyanogenMod 7 for devices that aren’t compatible with ICS.

The other good news is that if your device was officially supported in CyanogenMod 9, it will almost certainly receive CyanogenMod 10 with all of its buttery smoothness.

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