Cut the Rope: Experiments Lands On The Google Play Market

Cut The Rope is one of the most popular games in the Android as well as the Apple’s App Store. ZeptoLab had released a new version of Cut the Rope, Experiments, a few weeks ago for the iOS platform. Today, the Android version of the game has hit the Play Market and it has the same gameplay and the same graphics quality as its iOS counterpart.

The basic gameplay in Cut the Rope Experiments is still the same as the original Cut the Rope i.e. to feed the adorable Om Nom. However, this time Om Nom is discovered by a bad (but not mad) scientist who does some wacky experiment with Om Nom to study his candy loving behavior. The game consists of a whopping 125 new levels across 5 different stages. There are also tons of new gameplay elements, social integration and characters in Cut the Rope: Experiments compared to the original game.

Like the original game, ZeptoLab has priced the game at a mere $0.99, which definitely is light on the wallet. Interested readers can download the game from the Google Play Market.

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Rajesh Pandey

Rajesh is a 19 year old nerd, currently pursuing B.Com Hons from Bhawanipore college in Kolkata, India. He loves everything tech, especially Android. You can follow him on twitter @ePandu or mail to him at [email protected]