Cut the Rope Lands on Android, Now Available for Download from GetJar

After months of speculation, and a surprising albeit brief appearance in the Android Market, Cut the Rope from ZeptoLab has finally landed on Android. GetJar has again managed to score an exclusive deal; however, the ZeptoLab bestseller should become available in the Android Market after twenty four hours.


Cut the Rope for iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod) has been topping the charts and receiving rave reviews ever since its release. The objective of the game is rather simple. You have to guide the candy that is attached to one or more ropes into the mouth of a hungry monster, called Om Nom, by cutting the rope at critical points. To earn brownie points, you have to pick up the stars scattered throughout the level.


Like Rovio, ZeptoLab is also opting for the freemium model on Android. The version hosted by GetJar is free, but advertisement supported. The same version will make its way to the Android Market soon. Additionally, we expect an ads-free premium version to make its appearance in the Market.


Since the game’s release in October, ZeptoLab has released numerous level packs including a special Valentines day pack. The Android version includes all the level packs, which means that the game ships with a massive 175 levels. You can go ahead and grab the game from here. However, be warned. It is dangerously addictive.

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  • Awesome news. Cut The Rope was one of my favourite games when I had my iPhone – even more than Angry Birds. Playing the same levels again – however is… nostalgia