Control Battery Usage On Your Windows Mobile Phone

One of the main reasons for battery drain on any Windows Mobile Phone is to being connected to internet using 3G. How you wish if you had control over your phone’s connection and save your phone’s battery life. Well, BandSwitch offers you to take control of your connections.


Bandswitch offers:

  • Enable and disable connections. Disabling connections makes impossible to use them so you know they wont generate traffic data.
    Stablish and close connections.
  • Set a time frame where connections won’t be allowed (ie, when you are sleeping) saving money and battery.
  • Turn off/on Bluetooth and Wifi with or without time limit. When the limit expires, it is set to off state.
  • Switch between 2G/3G/auto modes.
  • There are discounts for companies. With enterprise license, it isn’t necessary to enter   the code manually. It makes easier automatic deployments with other enterprises tools.

Bandswitch has been updated to support Toshiba TG01. Until now HTC phones supported Bandswitch.

Download Bandswitch.

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Apurva Chaudhary

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