Two Comics Illustrating the Difference Between iPhone and Android

androidgingerbread I spotted this post at the Android Police blog and it was just too funny (and true) not to share it with you. This image was originally posted at at the top of reddit’s Android page, and has been flying all over the net. The original author is unknown to me, although I spent several minutes trying to dig up a name.

Update on Sept 27th:

I received an email from the author of this terrific comic. Thanks to Eddie Drury at “i can’t draw feet“. He deserves an award for his excellent work. Eddie was extremely upset that nobody had made any attempts to link to his site, but was pleased to see that at least I had tried to find out where it came from. In fact, he reported that I was the only one who seemed to make an attempt to find the author. That is sad, but you can be happy now that you know where to find more funny stuff from Eddie. Here’s the RSS feed for his comic site, if you use a feed reader.


What do you think about the differences between the iPhone and the Android? Do you think Android will overtake the iPhone in sales by the end of the year?

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  • Hi Clif,

    No question. Android will make it to #2, and probably #1 in part of the world. Hard to say what will happen in Asia.

    That said, I doubt that any one Android device will ever beat the (x)Phone, simply due to the fact that there are so many models, manufacturers and Android is advancing so rapidly. No single model of any make is likely to have enough staying power with the providers to whip APPL, which will remain a player with folks who are willing to put up with their control issues and lousy service providers.

    Hi to the wife!


    • Clif

      Thanks for the comment Bill. Wife says Hi back at you.