China Unicom Postpones Launch of Android Mobile Phones in China

Google’s battle with the Chinese Government has claimed its first casualty – Google branded mobile phones. China Unicom has infinitely delayed the launch of all Android powered mobile phones, which were scheduled to be launched this week.

The row started when Google threatened to quit China due to sophisticated hacking attempts originating out of China. Google is currently in talks with the Chinese government and is yet to make a final call on China. However, it is evident that until Google manages to reach a settlement with the Government several Google products are going to suffer.


The delayed devices are Samsung GT-i6500U and Motorola XT701. What prompted China Unicom to postpone the launch isn’t clear. They initially cited Google’s threat to quit China as the main reason, but later blamed bugs for the delay. Although, Google’s threat to quit China doesn’t directly affect Android phones manufactured by 3rd party vendors like Motorola and Samsung, it is the most likely cause for the delay. In fact, MobileOpportunity believes that the Chinese Government is using China Unicom to pressure Google and make it appear vulnerable. Whatever be the real reason, the device manufacturers will most definitely not be pleased. China is a critical market with massive growth opportunities. The delay is a setback for Motorola and Samsung and would also affect Google’s reputation.

[Image Courtesy: Edlimagno]

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