China Mobile iPhone 4 Prototype Spotted has published an image of an iPhone  running on China Mobile’s 3G network. The English translation of their article can be read here.

iPhone (China Mobile)

In the picture above, there’s a China Mobile 3G logo in the  upper right corner. The phone appears to be running baseband software with version number 06.10.01, which hasn’t been released yet. In addition, it also doesn’t have an  IMEI number just like the iPhone 4 prototype. Usually evaluation devices  have no IMEI number. MacRumors points out that…

The third digit, a 0, suggests the phone was made in 2010. The next digit, which appears to be a 5, would have the phone manufactured towards the end of that year, in either the 50th, 51st or 52nd week.

Also, the  carrier name in the top left corner appears to be China Mobile, written in Chinese text which suggests that a  China Mobile compatible iPhone is coming to China Mobile’s 3G network soon.  In addition,  Apple COO Tim Cook was reportedly spotted at China Mobile’s headquarters.  Apple and China Mobile have been rumored to be working  together to ensure future iPhones are compatible with China Mobile’s upcoming 4G TD-LTE network.

Also, Shanghai Daily reports the carrier already had 5.6 million iPhone users on its 2G network as of the end of May, with 700,000 of those having been added during that month alone.


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