Carbon For Android Is One Slick Twitter Client

I have been an Android user for more than two years now. Before jumping on the Android bandwagon, I was an un-impressed Nokia 5800 user running S60v5. Ever since I switched to an Android phone, I have absolutely love the apps and power of the OS. However, one area where I have always been disappointed with Android is the lack of a good Android twitter client.

Yes, there are MANY twitter clients available in the Google Play market including Plume, Tweetcaster, the official Twitter client, Twicca and many more. However, all of them look very clunky, unpolished compared to Gravity on Symbian or any of the iOS twitter client. Due to the lack of options, I have been using Twicca since the last year or so just because it is the best among the worst.

Thankfully, after the release of Ice Cream Sandwich with its new Holo UI, and developers looking to create beautiful Android apps, it looks like we might finally get a decent Android Twitter client. Carbon for webOS was one of the most popular apps available for that platform, and the same developers have been working hard on Carbon for Android. After the last couple of months in development, the developers have released a video of Carbon for Android in action on a Galaxy Nexus. Below is the video -:

After seeing the video above, I was left speechless. Whenever Carbon for Android hits the Google Play Market, it will be without a doubt the BEST Twitter client for the OS. The app has a stunning UI, makes use of the Holo theme, and is filled with animations as well. Whenever Carbon for Android hits the Play market, it will be available for download only for all the Ice Cream Sandwich running handsets. The developers will take a look at porting the app to older versions of Gingerbread after releasing the final version for ICS handsets.

If you are developing an Android app, or already have developed one, take the above app as an example. The developer has cried about the Android’s poor SDK tools on Twitter, but still wanted to make sure that his app delivers a polished Twitter experience and has managed to do that successfully!

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