Carbon for Android Gets Release Date and Price (Free)

Yes, Carbon. The once not-widely used Twitter client for webOS is officially coming to Android next week.

In a post on their Google+ page, the Carbon for Android team has detailed exactly why they’ve been in beta for so long. It’s quite simple (and sad), Google doesn’t allow paid application submissions from the United Arab Emirates. After waiting weeks, with no resolution in sight, the team has decided that enough is enough. They will be publishing a completely free application in the Google Play store. No ads. No trials. No locked features. A complete build, free of charge.

Yes, there are a ton of free Twitter clients for Android that suck. Yes, there are a ton of Twitter clients for Android that cost money, and still suck. Yes, all of the Twitter clients for Android suck in comparison to almost any other platform. Carbon originated on webOS, where it became the de-facto client for many users. It’s polished, it’s complete, and the development team are always available and easy to reach. Might this change with the public Android release? webOS has a niche following of users who were genuinely smart and deeply involved with their platform. They have a tight-knit community, and developers are always happy to talk with users. Not quite the same in the Android camp.

The style of the application follows along with the webOS counterpart. Black theme, gestures with animations, and it’s fast! I hope some of the same features, such as powerscrolling and selectable notifications, are also available on the Android build.

Feel free to remove whichever crap client you’re currently using for Twitter, in preparation for the coming of Carbon. Or simply watch the video to tide yourself over.