Blackra1n Sneak Peek with Blacksn0w Installed

GeoHotz is heating up the run to the launch of Blacksn0w, which will allow users to unlock iPhone 3G/3GS OS 3.12 on baseband 05.11.07. Blacksn0w release is confirmed for 4th November, and it will be completely FREE to download and unlock iPhone.

George posted a picture of the working version of Blackra1n on his TwitPic account, which also includes Blacksn0w.


Looks like November 4th is going to be a really good day for George. Does anyone see Apple cringing yet? Oh and yes, we are sure Apple lawyers might be all worked up about this :-).

Just a reminder, Blacksn0w is a absolute free download, we will post links and tutorials once it becomes active, so don’t waste your money to unlock your iPhone, when it can actually be done for FREE.

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