Blackberry World Hits Three Billion Downloads

While RIM seems to be going through a spell of bad luck, they have finally hit a positive milestone. According to RIM, Blackberry World has served over 3 billion downloads since it was launched in 2009 to compete with Apple’s App Store and the Google Play market (previously Android Market). RIM has also stated that a billion of these downloads took place in the past six months. As of now, RIM is currently serving 2.5 million downloads a day, however this isn’t much compared to Google’s Play Market and Apple’s App Store who serve over 30 million apps daily. RIM has stated that included in these 3 billion downloads are not only apps, but themes, wallpapers and other content from Blackberry Word.

While 3 billion apps downloaded in three years may seem exceptional, Apple has managed to bring in over 25 billion application downloads in just four years. However, RIM’s download counts still suprise me as the Blackberry OS is slowly but surely dying off. Do these numbers surprise you? Let us know by leaving a comment on this article.

Source: AllThingsD
Image Source: Honou

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