Blackberry Torch Price Slashed to $99

Blackberry TorchThe Blackberry Torch which was launched just 2 weeks back at $199 with an AT&T contract, is now available for only $99 on contract at Amazon. That is a 50% price cut in just 2 weeks.

The Blackberry Torch came with the new Blackberry 6 OS and had some great specifications. However, it hasn’t received many great reviews; it is definitely not the iPhone 4 or Droid X killer that RIM desperately needs. Even Goldman Sachs’ recent report called the Blackberry Torch launch underwhelming.

It was also revealed that RIM managed to sell only 150,000 Blackberry Torches at launch, compared to the iPhone 4’s launch statistics of 1.5 million sales.

With the Torch’s price being slashed to $99, the sales should probably increase, but it still won’t attract iPhone or Android fans, only existing users want to upgrade to a better Blackberry device.

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