BlackBerry Torch II 9810 Confirmed – to come with NFC

BlackBerry Torch II

Along with BlackBerry Storm 3 leak, RIM has now almost confirmed BlackBerry Torch II  9810. The BlackBerry Torch II will come with 1.2GHz processor, 6.1 BlackBerry operating system, a 3.2-inch 640*480 resolution screen, will have  8GB built-in memory and  512MB RAM. It will also have  Bluetooth 2.1,  GPS,  NFC,  5-megapixel camera with flash and will come with  1300 mAh battery.

It’s interesting to know that both the leaked mobiles by RIM – BlackBerry Storm 3 and BlackBerry Torch II will come with NFC capabilities. RIM doesn’t wants get lost in the pool of numerous Android handsets coming with NFC capabilities. Although it must be noted that Nokia handsets have been sporting NFC capabilities since ages but couldn’t leverage on it.


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