Blackberry London Gets Photographed, to Be Released in January

The writing is on the wall for RIM. The Canadian smartphone giant was caught napping as iOS and Android stole its thunder. Not only was RIM too late to realize the potential of new-age, touch-first smartphones, its first few attempts to compete with Google and Apple were abysmal failures. Now, as Samsung continues to ship millions of Android smartphones, Apple books millions of pre-orders for its new baby, and Nokia inches towards releasing a promising alternative for the holiday season, Research in Motion is left without a flagship that can reverse its fortunes. In a meek attempt to regain investor and consumer confidence, RIM demoed the half-baked BlackBerry 10 as far back as May 2012. However, the first BB 10 devices won’t show up before January ’13.

BlackBerry 10 devices will mainly fall in two categories – the full-touch L series, and the hardware QWERTY sporting N series. RIM is yet to disclose any information about its new line of smartphones. However, BGR has spotted a couple of pictures of a full-touch Blackberry that goes by the codename London. London doesn’t appear to have any standout design features like the iPhone 5 or the Lumia 920; however, it looks pretty decent.



RIM has its task cut out as London and Nevada (its first N-series device) can’t afford to be anything short of stunning for BlackBerry to be able to offer even a semblance of competition to Android and iOS, both of which have a mature platform and a flourishing app ecosystem.

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