BlackBerry Introduces BlackBerry Protect, A Security Application

The guys at Research In Motion (RIM) have developed a new application called BlackBerry Protect. As the name suggests, the application’s job is to wirelessly backup, restore and locate your BlackBerry phone, in short Protect your phone.


The BlackBerry Protect also provides features like remote device wipe, remote device lock, ‘Lost and Found’ screen, locate your device on map, remotely activating the BlackBerry’s loud ringer. These features will come handy if someone’s BlackBerry phone gets lost.

bb-protect3 bb-protect4

You would wonder, what is the use of the remote activation of the phone’s loud ringer. Imagine, you have misplaced your phone at your home, you are calling but then you realize that your phone is in silent mode. Then this feature will help you to find your phone.

bbprotect-5 bbprotect-6

The wireless backup feature backs up Contacts, Calendar; Memos and Tasks, Browser Bookmarks and SMS messages. A lost BlackBerry phone can be located by in-built GPS or cell tower ID in a non GPS phone. That is not all, you can also send contact info to be displayed on the screen of a locked phone which was previously lost.


The application is still under development. The limited beta app will be available through BlackBerry Beta Zone via invite codes, later this week.