Best Mobile Apps Of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian – #6

Welcome to the sixth edition of Best Mobile Apps Of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian. In this edition of BMATW, we will introduce our readers to a clock application for the iOS platform, along with a very popular messaging client for the Android platform. Also, we will introduce our Symbian users to an application which will change the wallpaper of their phone by simply shaking it.

Night Stand (iOS)

Night Stand is the most popular third’ party clock replacement app on the Apple App Store. The app features nine visually stunning clocks including a digital and a retro one. The app also features the usual clock’ functions like Alarm and Stopwatch. Night Stand is also able to display the local weather information, if the user so desires to.


Users can also use any song from their iPod library as the alarm tone as well. The Alarm function of the app has a very nice feature as well Math Puzzles. When users will try to stop the alarm on their iTouch device, they can do so only by solving a math puzzle. Users can setup multiple clocks for their convenience as well.

A Pro as well as a Lite’ version of Night Stand is available on the App Store. The paid version of the app costs $1.99. Here is the link to download Night Stand.

Shake n Screen (Symbian)

Shake n Screen is a nifty application the Symbian platform which will allow users to change the wallpaper of their phone by just shaking their phone. Users first need to specify the folder where they have kept all their favorite wallpapers.

After that, users can play around with the various settings of the application including the auto start, auto hide and sensitivity option. The Sensitivity’ option will allow users to set the sensitivity of the shake’ on which the wallpaper of the phone will change.

clip_image003 (Image Source)

The app also has a Power Saving Mode’ which will automatically stop changing the wallpaper, if the phone is found to be inactive for some time. As of now, the application works only on the Symbian S60v5 and Symbian^3 based handsets. The application is available for download on the Ovi store for $1.99

GO SMS (Android)

GO SMS is an awesome SMS app for Android. For me, GO SMS is able to beat other big third party messaging applications like Handcent. The UI of GO SMS is pretty simple, fast and pleasing to the eye as well. The app also supports themes which will allow users to change the UI of the app from time to time.


The app notifies the user of a new SMS with a popup, which also contains some nifty options like Quick Reply and delete. However, I would have personally preferred the app to use the Android style notification style instead of this popup one.

GO SMS also has other useful features like Backup/Restore, Security Lock, Batch mode and Individual contact information. Users can find out more about GO SMS here.

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