Best Mobile Apps Of the Week for iOS, Android and Symbian – #5

Welcome to the fifth edition of Best Mobile Apps of the Week for iOS, Symbian and Android. In this edition of Best Mobile Apps of the Week (BMATW), we will introduce our readers to a very slick RSS app for iOS, a new Launcher for Android and a painting application for Symbian devices.

Below are the featured mobile apps of the week for iOS, Symbian and Android:

ADWLauncher EX (Android)

AD Launcher EX is the paid version of the highly popular ADW Launcher. The paid version of the app offers some nice features over the free version including some crazily awesome animations. The app also includes four different kinds of App drawers including 3D and a 4D one.

Below is a video demonstrating all the features of ADWLauncher EX:

In fact, ADWLauncher EX is so good that it has forced me to change loyalties from LauncherPro. To know more about ADWLauncher EX, readers can read our full review here. The app is downloadable from the Android Market for $3.50.

Pulse (iOS)

Pulse is one of the best looking RSS readers available for iOS. The app has a UI unlike any other feed reader out there.   The app shows a picture of the webpage and the heading of the post.

Below is a screenshot of how Pulse looks -:


Pulse brings in only the ‘bare essentials’ of an article by stripping the post from other irrelevant stuffs like advertisements, images etc. The app also includes some nifty features like Offline sync, Easy Share and News Discovery. iOS users can download Pulse for free from the App Store.

Pulse is also available on the Android Market for free.

Scribble Away (Symbian)

Scribble Away for Symbian OS is a simple painting tool. Even though simple’, the app has all the basic painting features covered including the canvas type and even allows users to share their paintings on popular social networking sites. A simple but definitely a fun filed time killing application.


Scribble away is available for all the touch based phones from Nokia running on Symbian S60v5 or Symbian^3. Symbian users can download the app from here.

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