Backing Up / Restoring Messages In Symbians

I, personally, was very much vexed with the way Symbians handle messages. Moving them from phone to mem cards is a very lengthy and boring process. Here is an easy way to do the same without using your PC.

  • Open up any file manager like Xplore or FExplorer
  • Go to E:\Private on your memory card
  • Look for a folder named something like 1000484b.
  • Inside it, you’ll find another folder named Mail/Mail2
  • Copy the 1st folder(one named 1000484b) to C:\Private

This will put all your messages in your phone memory. Do the reverse (move the files from C:\ to E:\) to move messages from phone to memory.

S60V2 users should note thet the messages are saved in E:\System\Mail.

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