Asus Windows Phone 7 Based Prototype Shows Up On Video

Asus Windows Phone 7 Based Prototype Shows Up On Video

As the launch of Windows Phone 7 comes closer more and more videos and pictures of handsets running WP7 are popping up on the Internet. Now a video of an Asus handset running on Windows Phone 7 has popped up on the Internet.

The video is 11 minutes 46 seconds long and shows the upcoming mobile OS from MS in action. I personally found the Asus handset in the video pretty sleek. The UI of the device as demonstrated in the video also looks great.

However, we have already seen some great looking WP7 running phones from different manufacturers before. It is the hardware on which this prototype WP7 phone from Asus is running which interests most of us now. It does look like from the video that this Asus phone is using an AMOLED screen. It will be interesting to see whether most of these WP7 based phone run on the ‘old-and-outdated’ Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm or a newer generation chip.

Hopefully with time more information about this WP7 handset from Asus will pop up.


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