Around 50 Android Phones Will Hit The Market In 2010

The news of Android gaining momentum is everywhere. Partly due to increasing number of awesome Android apps and partly due to the expectation of more Android-based phones coming to the market in the near future.

To be specific, the market research company CCS thinks that the number of Android phones will grow to 50 in 2010. Here’s why they think so:

  • Acer will ship up to 6 android enabled handsets in 2010.
  • Sony will enter the Android market with Xperia X10.
  • HTC will launch 5 more Android devices including HTC Legend, HTC Bravo, HTC Tide, HTC Salsa and HTC Buzz.
  • Motorola alone is believed to be launching 10 different Android based phones.
  • LG is launching a snapdragon-based Android smart phone in early 2010.

In addition, to these there are several other manufacturers that are entering the android market. The question, however, is if this momentum and growth is enough to give serious competition to the iPhone.

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