Apple’s Voice Recognition Feature–Siri–Will Blow You Away

The all new iPhone 4S from Apple also has a new voice-to-text feature, previously rumored as Assistant, known as Siri. The Siri feature from Apple is similar to Google’s Voice Search feature, except that it’s more sophisticated.


In the Siri demo at the event, when Scott asked whether he needs an umbrella todayor wake me up at 6AM. The phone then responded back saying It sure looks like you need an Umbrellaor Ok, I set it for 6AM.

This new Siri feature is also location aware, and is tightly integrated with system apps. For example, Siri remembers when you have a calendar appointment, and will notify you when the new calendar entry is going to clash with an existing one. It will also respond back to a user asking if he has any appointment or is free on a specific day.

Apple has also entered into a partnership with Wolfram Alpha. Any obscure stuff that Siri comes across will go through Wolfram Alpha. Like Android, there is also a voice-to-text feature, with a dedicated microphone button ala Android, now finding its place on the virtual keyboard.

Right now, Siri is in beta and supports English, French and German languages. iPhone 4S owners can activate Siri by pressing the Home Button. Keep in mind, that a data connection will be required to use Siri. Siri will also be an iPhone 4S exclusive.

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