Apple’s new IPhone may let share applications

Apple’s fourth coming IPhone 3.0 may let their purchased applications with friends and family. There are few applications that let you Tell a friendfrom it, but then your friend have to download the application.

This is a good move by the app store. There are millions of applications bustling the app store. The app store works on no. of hits, reviews and etc. so its difficult for a good application to be on the top with the overcrowded space.

When a user recommends application to a friend and the friend buys it, the user will get a fair amount of commission. This might increase in the sales with getting recommendations from person you know.

There are few applications that let you try the liteversions of the application which have few features of the applications, but if you want all features you need to buy the application. This lets to download the application twice and is not a feasible option.

If inside sources are to be believed even microsoft and google are coming up with such options.

My only concern this should not open a market for earning money on commission basis and create a viral marketing.

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Apurva Chaudhary

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