Apple Tablet Demos in January

Apple Tablet
Apple Tablet

Apple has announced the demo session of it’s new Apple Tablet in January. Apple tablet is a new mobile device from Apple but with a much larger display. Rumours are floating all around and the approximate size of the screen is expected to be between 7 – 12 inches! BoyGenius claims it to be a 7-inch display though. Still, we may hope for a larger display until anything is really confirmed.

Financial Times hasn’t stated it’s sources but has stated that:

Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) could unveil the Internet-focused device next month as part of its strategy to revamp iTunes into a marketplace for streaming movies and music rather than just purchasing them.

It should be noted that this is just a demo, the actual device does not go for sale until some time later. I think this is the fact responsible for the rumours that it will be a closed demo and will be meant for only developers. But this does not prove that there are no apps available for this device. It has been heard from sources that Apple began to reach out to developers for this device some time back.

Anyways, this demo will give other developers a lot of time to develop their own apps. One more possibility is that this demo is just for developers to get an overview of this device and to write some bug fixes.

It’s again a rumour but the actual device is expected to be released in March, 2010.

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