Apple Provides iPhone Customers Toll-Free Numbers to Try Out FaceTime

Apple is encouraging new iPhone 4 owners to try out FaceTime by calling the toll-free number 1-888-FACETIME (332-3846). FaceTime is an open video telephony standard developed by Apple. At the moment it is available only on the iPhone 4; however, Apple is hoping that other influential players will also adapt and develop it.


Upon calling the toll-free number, users will reach an Apple representative who will initiate a FaceTime conversation and guide the user through different facets of this new service.

The iPhone is capable of seamlessly switching from a regular call to FaceTime mode. Once FaceTime is initiated you won’t be using your cell minutes. Instead, you will be communicating over the Wi-Fi, which is a necessary per-requisite for FaceTime. Either the front or the rear camera can be used during FaceTime.

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